About The Author

My name is Sarah Waurechen and I have a Ph.D. in early modern British history from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. I have taught courses ranging from junior full-year seminars to 150-student lecture courses at three different Canadian Universities.

On 31 May 2013, I finished a post-doctoral fellowship at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. From there, instead of continuing on in search of one of the remaining (and highly coveted) tenure-track positions somewhere, I have decided to follow my passion and focus on teaching. I am therefore currently working in Quebec’s CEGEP system (a pre-university phase unique to this province where students are introduced to the basic concepts in their chosen field — both in terms of subject matter and methodologies). In my spare time, I will be continuing to research and publish about 17th-century political culture in England, but this will serve to buttress my teaching, not the other way around.


To contact me, find me on Twitter at @sarahwaurechen or email me at sarah.waurechen@gmail.com



For those curious about my decision to leave academia, my thoughts can be found here:


LinkedIn Profile:


Academia.edu Profile:



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