About This Blog

This blog is my space for all things teaching related. Raising questions, throwing out some tentative answers of my own, and discussing the various roadblocks and conundrums that academics face in our unique position as providers of higher education.

It will address everything and anything related to teaching at the university or college level: the ever-increasing administrative duties devolved onto teachers at these institutions, managing TAs, trying to keep your audience awake at 8:30 in the morning, leading seminars, lecturing to large survey courses, etc… Hopefully, it will start a conversation, and be of at least some use to my colleagues who are always looking for new ideas, but who don’t always know where to look.

I am also hoping to provide some insight for those serving as teaching assistants and/or first-time instructors while finishing their Ph.Ds. Thus, I encourage feedback from graduate students and undergraduates too! My style as an instructor is always evolving, and I like to update my approach based on what I hear from you!


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